Posted By: Vulfila ( Tobak is the answer) on 'Quotes'
Title:     Huxley
Date:      Wed Oct  7 18:15:07 1998

   "In living people one is dealing with unknown
and unknowable qualities. One can only hope to find 
out anything about them by a long series of the
most disagreeable and boring human contacts,
involving a terrible expense of time. It is the 
same with current events; how can I  find out
anything about them except by devoting years
of the most exhausting first-hand studies, 
involving once more an endless number of the 
most unpleasant contacts? No, give me the past.
It does not change; it is there in black and white,
and you can get to know it comfortably and 
decorously, and, above all, privately - by reading."

                                   Wit counts for me.

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