Posted By: Vulfila ( Tobak is the answer) on 'Quotes'
Title:     How d'you like your tobak, buddy?
Date:      Tue May 12 10:15:26 1998

Bad   men   want   their    women   to   be   like
Cigarettes - slender and trim, all in a  row to be
selected at  will, set aflame, and  when the flame
has subsided, discarded, only to select another.

The  fastidious men  want  their women to  be like
a Cigar - they  are  more   expensive,  they  make
a better appearance,  they last longer,  for after
all,  if  the  brand  is  good,  they  are  seldom
discarded but used to the end.

The  good  men  want their  women to be like their
Pipes - something they  become  attached to, knock
gently but lovingly and always take good care of.

A man  will  give  you   a  cigarette,  offer  you
a cigar, but he NEVER shares his pipe!

                                   Wit counts for me.

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