Posted By: Vulfila ( Smoke in peace) on 'Quotes'
Title:     John's words of wisdom
Date:      Wed Oct 29 10:40:07 1997

I feel that the guilt foisted upon us for some of our acts does a lot
more harm than the acts themselves.  I think we should smoke our pipes
when we are at peace with the world and are able to reflect upon our
blessings.  After all, the ritual use of tobacco started, probably,
when the psychological/spiritual benefits were first felt.  Let's try
to keep it that way.

At least one US Government document has a chart that shows pipe
smokers as having a life expectancy higher (HIGHER) than that of 
non-smokers. Of course, this probably says more about the kind 
of individual who chooses to smoke a pipe than it does about 
tobacco use, so let us continue to be the rational, sensitive, 
tolerant, respectful kinds of people who enjoy this hobby, 
thereby extending our lives.  This is a big world and there 
is room for everyone. 

Best to all,
John Giunta

          I'm tired of Love, I'm still more tired of Rhyme;
          But Money brings me pleasure all the time.
                                   Hilaire Belloc: Fatigued

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