Posted By: Vulfila (Name? Porad to same!) on 'Quotes'
Title:     Hocus Pocus
Date:      Wed Oct  8 09:48:32 1997

 "It was manna from heaven that I came to this world
with a gift for moderation in my intake of mood-modifying

 "This library is full of stories of supposed triumphs,
which makes me very suspicious of it. It's misleading for 
people to read about great successes, since even for
middle-class and upper-class white people, in my
experience, failure is the norm.It is unfair to youngsters
particularly to leave them wholly unprepared for monster
screw-ups .."

 "The lesson I myself learned over and over again...
...was the uselessness of information to most people,
except as entertainment. If facts weren't funny 
or scary, or couldn't make you rich, the heck
with them."

          I'm tired of Love, I'm still more tired of Rhyme;
          But Money brings me pleasure all the time.
                                   Hilaire Belloc: Fatigued

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