Posted By: Vulfila (Name? Porad to same!) on 'Quotes'
Title:     The lifespan
Date:      Thu Jul 17 13:57:16 1997

According to an article in New Scientist magazine, men are losing
up to 13.5  years off their lifespan because  of their compulsion
with  hunting  females.  ...  Dr.  David  Gems,  a  geneticist at
University  College, London,  has  concluded  from his  work with
nematode worms  that although women  live longer then  men, males
are programmed to outsurvive females,  were it not for that pesky
sex drive sending them all to early graves.

          I'm tired of Love, I'm still more tired of Rhyme;
          But Money brings me pleasure all the time.
                                   Hilaire Belloc: Fatigued

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