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Title:     Heller
Date:      Wed Jan 22 16:18:16 1997

  Gold was opposed to segregation and equally opposed
to integration. Certainly he did not believe that women,
or homosexuals, should suffer persecution or discrimination.
On the other hand, he was privately opposed to all equal
rights amendments, for he certainly did not want members
of either group associating with him on levels 
of equality or familiarity. And for the soundest reasons:
his reasons were emotional, and emotions, he was concluding,
particularly his own, could constitute the highest form 
of rationality. Problems were increasing in all areas
to which he could no longer find uncomplicated solutions,
but he kept these embarrassing dilemmas to himself 
and continued to manifest in public an aspect of cordial
poise and balanced judgment that made him acceptable
to almost everyone.

(from 'Good as Gold')

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