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Title:     K.Vonnegut, jn.
Date:      Mon Nov  4 20:05:36 1996

   Extracted from "God Bless You, Mr.Rosewater".

He never saw anything funny in  anything, so deeply
immured was he by the utterly unplayful spirit of 
the law.

Leech said that, just as a good airplane pilot should
always be looking for places to land, so should a lawyer
be looking for situations where large amounts of money
were about to change hands.

I'm going to love these discarded Americans,even though
they're useless and unattractive. :-)))))

They tend to feel more rootless than most, even 
in a notoriously rootless nation.

Old men without hope have a tendency to be both
crude and accurate. I beg your pardon.

Eliot did to the word LOVE what the Russians did
to the word DEMOCRACY.

There happens to be such a sect, and I'm sure it's
a good one. Foot-washing is practiced, and the ministers
draw no pay. I wash my feet, and I draw no pay.

   Those who write on Heaven's walls
   Should mold their shit in little balls.
   And those who read these lines of wit,
   Should eat these little balls of shit.  :-))

          I'm tired of Love, I'm still more tired of Rhyme;
          But Money brings me pleasure all the time.
                                   Hilaire Belloc: Fatigued

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