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Title:     Garfield 
Date:      Wed Jun 12 23:12:33 1996

There're some GARFIELD putdowns for you. I'm posting some putdowns 'bout NOSE 
'cause I'm inspired by a guy who's sitting next to me :) Guess why :))

* Is that your nose, or did someone park a blimp on your face?
* Your nose is so bog you should rent in out for dances!
* Don't look up! Your big nose might poke a hole in the ozone layer!
* Compared to you, Pinocchio was snub-nosed!
* Last time I saw a nose like yours it had an elephant attached to it!
* Hey, Hose Nose! can you pick up a peanut with that thing?
* If it starts raining, can I stand under your nose to keep dry?
* Nice nose. Does it come with a ski lift?
* Last time I saw a snout like yours was on a porpoise.
* Don't inhale. A schnozz like yours could suck all the oxygen out of the room!
* I've seen a nose like yours before, but it looked bettere on the baboon.
* Don't turn your head too fast. YOu might bludgeon someone with your nose.
* The great thing about your nose is that you'll always have a place to hang 
  your coat. 
* The only thing grosser than your nose is what's inside it.
* Is that your nose, or did a booger petrify on your face?
* Last time I saw a honker like yours was on a hot dog bun!
* You've got a nose for business. I mean, you could use it as a billboard.
* is that your nose, or are you trying to snort a banana?
* With a snout like yours, who needs anteaters?

P.S. Srazka s blbcem je horsi, nez kamion v jednosmerce...

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