Posted By: Suzanne (InLoveWithUniverse...) on 'Quotes'
Title:     About men ... :) 16.
Date:      Tue Aug 15 13:35:06 1995

 (finally I have figured out where that bloody numlock is on Macintosh ...:)

   * Don't accept ridesfrom strange men, and remember that all men are as 
strange as hell.
                 - Robin Morgan

   * Having practiced hours in front of the mirror, I can work up a fairly 
ferrocious expression, but I have not got, and never will have, a 
natural-born fighting face.
                 - Lt.-Gen. George S. Patton

   * First time you buy a house you see how pretty the paint is and buy it. 
The second time you look to see if the basement has termites. It's the same 
with men.
                  - Lupe Velez

   * The writing on men's room walls is among the finest this country has 
                   - Boyd McDonald


*** We can't leave footprints in the sands of time by sitting on our butts.
    And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time? *** 
*                               SUE                                         *
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