Posted By: Suzanne (InLoveWithUniverse...) on 'Quotes'
Title:     About men ... :) 13.
Date:      Mon Aug 14 15:56:46 1995

   * A good man who goes wrong is just a bad man who has been found out.
                    - Calgary Bob Edwards

   * Formerly we used to canonize our heroes. The modern method is to 
vulgarize them. Cheap edition of great books may be delightful, but cheap 
edition of great men are absolutely detestable.
                     - Oscar Wilde

   * There are no perfect men of course but some are more perfect than 
others, and we can use all of those we can get.
                      - Merle Shain

   * He's a man -- we made sure of that.
                      - Ronald Reagan (about his grown-up son)


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