Posted By: Thriller (TellMeYourDreams) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Invisible Scar (The Final Part)
Date:      Wed Aug 16 08:32:38 1995


A skin. An eye. Lips and thighs
The truth, the shine. The jump.
The sky. Will you try?
Do you dare? Stop the scare.
Do you care? Then are you rare.
No price for the magic
no tribute to departure from the rule
The decision has been made so far back in the time
And no regrets, no happy days can't turn it back
Neither can't anyone, neither can't You.
get back to sunshine my lovely fool

Why are the stars
Why are the stars
from the sky
Why is the moon
Why is the moon
his silver eyes

They don't want to see me
They just don't want to see me
They just don't want to see me
don't want to see me


"Whatever happens, remember, I'm the only one to blame"

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