Posted By: Thriller (could not breathe.) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Invisible Scar (Part Four)
Date:      Tue Aug  8 22:48:24 1995

Chaos takes it all.

Sucked the blood, sucked the soul
didn't know about it but gaining control

Shall that be hope?
Sign from the God, the white flag from the devil
like he gives up what he almost ate?
Shall that be sign?
Maybe he put his finger through his throat
and made himself throw up the amorphous hash of mine?

I and me, me and I
there's no one else in this game
the egoistic frog didn't want to get a kiss
so none 'd know a handsome prince already died of cancer
Mind confusion healing with trust
life disillusion turning to dust
disclosing and teaching the secret of lust
But it's too late, Mina, oh God, so late
Draw from a lottery of everyone's fate
has been already given and made.

it's been so beautiful, it's been so great
the devil told me that you were a fake
there were no happy games, there was no lake
And all that left is me talking to the screen.
You're there. How do you feel now?
Are the words able to save human life?
Are the words able to change killer's mind?

And chaos takes it all.


"Whatever happens, remember, I'm the only one to blame"

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