Posted By: Thriller (Far cliffs of Dover) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Invisible Scar (Part Three)
Date:      Fri Jul 21 20:32:06 1995

The invisible scar on my little finger
Memory of dripping blood elegantly gliding
infusing to the soil.
Although I put some salt to the wound
(it burnt like hell)
It's getting invisible day by day
and memories are elegantly gliding
to forgotten land, so faraway.

Vampire is gone, see paranoid
alone with his decent fears.
He might not be lonely but he is alone
What's worse he'd never tell that it is so

Vampire is far, in a far land
Vampire now can't hold his reaching hand
Vampire forgot this minute affair
Vampire now thinks that everything's fair
Vampire is gone, see paranoid
his life might be saved but worth his inner void
Alas, that vampire won't understand
Alas, the paranoid haven't yet paid the rent
Alas, the paranoid is confused and lost
Alas, the paranoid backed to the frost
Alas, the paranoid is flying too high
The crash will be painful, God has to sigh
God will see to it, God decides well
God tells the stories you'd never tell
God knows the tales about life, love and death
But God is now silent, he is out of his breath
God is now doubtful, he cannot choose
whether to win or whether to lose

 "This is not a catastrophic scenario. It's just a description
  of real contemporary situation."

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