Posted By: Thriller (WaitingForTheVampToCome) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Invisible Scar (Part Two)
Date:      Thu Jul 20 21:17:16 1995

Farewell my good manners
Good-bye the skies of the blue
The evil has taken my soul and my mind
And now I'm up to be cruel
Cruel to me, cruel to you
there's nothing else at this time that I could do
I want to fight, ignore the law
deny the balance of status quo
I want to deny the whole world in one word
Deny my life, my breath, anything you want me to
screw the good, eat the food and bring some bad
Do you want to hear me scream, do you want to see me cry
Do you want me to cut the furniture into the little pieces?
Curtains go down, it's the end of the show
move your fat butt it's time to go home
that guy on the stage won't play anymore
he's got insane that thing is for sure
this crazy art rates the next fee
as this bad man is now on lsd
This guy needs a help just as it seems
Outside the building still can be heard
the screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!
Paranoid could not stand a single bite
Vamp stepped out of the night to win the fight.


 "This is not a catastrophic scenario. It's just a description
  of real contemporary situation."

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