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Title:     How much to require
Date:      Mon Sep  9 14:04:42 2002


 let's consider following offer:

Subject: Job Opening, Washington DC area

POSITION: Human Factors / Usability Engineer
HOURS: Full Time
EDUCATION: Usability Certification or Psychology/Human Factors Degree

**Required** Resumes without salary expectations will not be reviewed.

Our ideal candidate will be an expert in:
* Preparing and Running Usability Tests including Paper Prototyping, Card
Sorting, Usability Lab Testing.
* Ability to explore and comprehend the needs of the user
* Familiarity with rapid iterative prototyping techniques
* Strong written and verbal communications skills and presentation skills


How much (year income, let's consider after taxation) would you expect, 
satisfying needs for 'ideal candidate' and education? Suppose 3 years 


Az mi bude tak sto deset,
prijde buh a zmackne reset.

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