Posted By: jerryiii (Vsude dobre, v CR nejhur) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     re:summer job
Date:      Thu Jan 18 09:23:33 2001

> You will be a J1 visa holder. Once you arrive in the Usa you have to apply
> for 
> Social Security Card. 4 months for work and 1 for travelling

Just to let you guys know: J1 is a student visa, legally you're not allowed to 
work the first year and after that you can only work 20 hrs/week and it has 
to be directly or indirectly for the school you attend. Of course you should 
attend a school to have J1. 

The bottom line: if you work with J1 you're not legal. Why bother getting the 
visa then :) 

>                                                       Stefan

          Jerry III

Enough said ...

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