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Title:     IAESTE
Date:      Thu Jan 11 11:53:46 2001

   I think we could write english on this board, even if it won't be 
completely correct.

   So, briefly about IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of 
Students for Technical Experience). Some information is on its home page,

   I'll write my experiences with IAESTE. Thank to IAESTE I spent 11 weeks in 
Norway last year.

   First you have to register as an applicant for the exchange program and 
then pass a language exam (English or German). You get some points for it. 
Other points you can get for marks at the university, successes in your field 
of study, work for IAESTE, etc.

   Then a waiting list in your local IAESTE centre is created. All applicants 
can choose five from all traineeships gained for the Czech Republic. Then a 
national commitee of IAESTE is arranged and representatives of your local 
centre try to gain the selected traineeship for you. I don't know the system 
but it is dependent on number of your points. If you are lucky, you can go 
abroad. It is easy to obtain all permitions of alien offices of the foreign 
country, usually there are no problems.

   Another chance how to obtain a traineeship if you weren't successful is to 
obtain a post-commitee traineeship. It is a traineeship gained by the Czech 
IAESTE after the national commitee. To these traineeships no rules apply and 
faster wins. The only condition is that you are registered as an applicant and 
you passed the language exam.

   If you want to know more, ask me.


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