Posted By: Tomass (Tomass) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Alaska jobs?
Date:      Wed Dec  6 14:27:23 2000

Does anybody have any information about jobs in Alaska?

I have an intention to take part in Work&Travel USA program in a summer 2001 
and I would like to visit Alaska.

How difficult is it to find a job there? What kinds of jobs are available? 
What about fishing jobs - does anybody know, how it really is? What about 
outdoor jobs - planting the trees, repairing or building of a log house, ...?

I have already read much about Alaska jobs at Alaska's web sites, but I would 
like to have information concerning experiences. Information at the web site 
is often the advertisement, that makes the situation better than it really is.

Thank you for all your answers.

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