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Title:     Re: Jobs in IRELAND
Date:      Sat Oct  7 17:29:04 2000

Unfortunately it requires username/password and domain :(

> Mostly for graduate and expereinced people...
> look at the URL
> there was some other which I have forgotten. The job opportuinites meeting
> was 
> taken today in Ambassador hotel at "Vaclavak"...
> Shortly:
> most lucrative is "signal processing and SW development"...
> Other a lot wanted occupations:
> - IT and computing sepacialist
> - technicians in IT and computing
> - architects incl. structural technicians and technologists
> - structural engineers incl. engineering technicians
> - capital sruveryor
> - city planners
> - licensed practial nurse
> These proffessions are able to get the job visa directly at the Ireland 
> Embassy, others have to get it of Job Ministry and the request must be sent
> by 
> the emplyer or a jog agency, NOT PRIVATELY by the employee...
> I found out there are lots of job opportunities in IRL and me personally
> plan 
> to spend there at least ONE year doing a good job and explorind those 
> customs, people and nature...
> Good luck. 
> CePal
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