Posted By: medvidek (Nezapomen na radost) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Re: holiday job in Norway
Date:      Fri Oct  6 10:14:51 2000

> I would like to ask if there is anybody who knows some information/details 
> about holiday job in Norway. I have heard just that here is this posibility 
> and I think that could be a fine occasion to visit this certainly nice 
> country and maybe earn some little money. 
> Thans for all infos. 
>                      x-max

I am in Norway now. I have a job here. It was organized by IAESTE 
(, as a technical experience for students, so it 
probobly doesn't help you too much. 

But I can still help you. When I prepared for the stay and downloaded some 
materials about Norway I found this interesting page: 

It's partly in English, partly in Czech :) Enjoy


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