Posted By: opasek (opasek) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Short-term jobs in the UK
Date:      Fri May 12 16:32:39 2000

Does anybody here knows about some agency that could arrange for my girlfriend 
and me a summer job in the United Kingdom? Is it easy to find illegal short 
job in the UK in local newspaper and will the employers be willing to employ 
us without permission? Any information, suggestion or personal experience 
strongly welcomed.

Ahoj, ja a moje pritelkyne hledame brigadu na leto v Anglii, jahody, 
uklizeni, cokoliv, nevite o nekom, kdo to zprostredkovava tady v Cechach? A 
nebo to jde sehnat az na miste, z novin, bez povoleni? A pracoval jste tam 
nekdo takhle? Budu vdecnej za jakoukoliv informaci.



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