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Title:     AIPT Information
Date:      Wed Dec 15 00:38:34 1999

Through AIPT, an international trainee can be sponsored on a J-1 Exchange
Visitor visa to obtain practical training in their field, while American
participants can get international training visas in our counterpart
countries.  This is a worthwhile training experience and worth the effort!  

If you would like information and requirements on our International and U.S.
programs, please see the following website to download the guidelines. <>  

If you are an international applicant and would like AIPT to locate a
training position in the U.S., please see the following website <> .  If you
have any trouble accessing the database, please send an email to <> . 

Once you read the guidelines and are interested in applying, please download
our application forms from
<> .  We hope the information is
helpful and look forward to assisting you in the future!

Please note: If you don't have Acrobat Reader to view the files, please
download the free version at the bottom of the website page. Please make
sure that you check the box  of "Include option for searching PDF files
(currently available only for 3.x versions; longer download."

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