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Title:     Television commercial..
Date:      Tue Dec  7 13:51:06 1999

Today I do the filming of my very fist television commercial.  Each 30 second 
spot costs me $60.00.  I seriously need some good response to this commercial 
(advertising).  If I can get it this first group of spots, I won't need to 
pay for more later.

This is the time when the students go on break from classes.  They will be 
looking for something to do.. 

I have been talking with one of the colleges, a business college called 
Hamilton.  Yesterday my shop information came up on the board for the 
students to learn about.  The director of career services is asking that some 
of her students earn points towards their grades through internship in my 
shop.  I will have not only local but international students in the shop.

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