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Title:     Re: USA- long working permit - J1 VISA
Date:      Mon Nov 22 14:13:49 1999

Yes Petr..

While the InterExchange program isn't like a regular job, there are companies 
that would pay a good rate.  Where they are, I don't know.  The InterExchange 
program does say to pay the intern at least room and board.  Since the 
internship is a part of the student's education, it only follows that the 
student pay for their educational needs.

I will be suporting this program this summer.  I do have one student already 
to come in July.  While he has not asked for pay, I will have him at my home 
so room and board aren't a concern.  I would happily pay for work done in my 
shop if any other students are interested.  The prior posts talk of this 
program and what the student and employee need to do. 

> I think that you can get j1 VISA with working permit. In uSA is running 
> international exchange program which is supported by goverment USA. In this 
> program you get J1 VISA and full time work. But this work is like student 
> internship. So not payed as regular job. Main reason why  people go this
> type 
> of traineeship is cultural understanding and learnig new skills.
> Petr 

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