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Date:      Thu Nov 18 14:49:27 1999

has been open for almost a week.  During this time it has been very slow with 
customers.  However, all the inspectors have been into the shop, approved all 
but the kitchen I needed to have to serve coffee, pie, all things that 
require opening to serve.  I had my sinks in place on Monday but had to wait 
til Friday to get inspected by the health department.  This Friday I will be 
able to serve hot drinks, pies, etc. because of the three tub sink and the 
hand sink I had installed.  

Financially, it has been very rough going.  Paul and I have put every cent 
into this project rather than try to take a small loan out.  We now need good 
advertising so we have went to a local television station to price the time 
and research the times to get the best response.  For each 30 seconds we have 
to pay $50.00 or more depending on the spot in the day we place it in.  Now we 
are at a point where we have to get the loan.

In the states, companies have to have a business plan to get this loan.  It 
is a very detailed report, including graphs, etc. which tells the financer 
what the money's for and what your goals are, simply put.  This is not a 
simple plan, it's about 50 pages long and you have to be very specific.

During this slow time we have made gift certificates, punch cards for 1 - 10 
hours on the computer, pamphlets, finished the programming on the computers, 
etc. so it's best that the time was slow for customers.  I do plan to hand 
out candy with my business card attached with ribbon, give some to shops that 
have weekly drawings, churches that have volunteer groups, groups that are 
looking for a place to hold their meetings and don't want to pay high rents, 
etc.  I'm telling everyone that will listen to me. ;-)

It's important to be known in the business world so I attend a business 
luncheon on Tuesday at our 11:30 - 13:00.  Through this meeting I have gotten 
to know more of the services that many companies have, the free services they 
provide for advertising, etc.  It is going to be a very good tool for getting 
into the business community and improving my services. 

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