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Title:     F1 visas..
Date:      Thu Nov 18 14:35:00 1999

All work visas are not that easy to get.  First the employer has to place an 
advertisement in the local paper to find out if there is anyone in the area 
that could do the job and give them first choice.  The wording of the 
advertisement is subject to approval with immigrations. 

While all of us are unique, our skills may not be so it would be very 
difficult to get the position which is why I decided to go through 
InterExchange rather than immigrations.

Keep in mind, IE is for ongoing education for students.  It is meant to be a 
part of the education of the student thus the reason the student pays the 
costs.  IE recommends that you help with room and food but does not say you 
have to pay the student.

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