Posted By: jerryiii (Jerry III) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Re: How to get a long term permit to USA???
Date:      Thu Nov 18 01:16:48 1999

> Hey guys
> I read all previous messages and mostly were about student working VISA 
> (J1). Now I am in USA using this VISA, but later I want to go back and work 
> for a longer time. 
> Do you have any information how to get this VISA, how difficult it is and so
> on. 

Find an employer that will apply for H-1 ... or apply in the diversity visa 
lottery ;) but that's next year, this one's over ... 

> Thanks for your answers.
> Petr 

          Jerry III

I kdybych vedel ze za pet minut zanikne svet, jeste bych si sel zkontrolovat 

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