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Date:      Mon Nov  1 12:33:11 1999

was to officially open today.. The opening day is going to be delayed due to 
things I must have in the shop for the health department to be happy.  Some 
items they required are as follow:

Flat handles rather than the round ones for the toilet doors, a spring on the 
door so it will shut on its own, the cement has to have a seal on it, I have 
to have light coverings on all the lights, a sink for cleaning, a sink for 
washing hands, and three sinks if I want to serve any food items that I 
open.. examples, coffee, ice, etc.  The city requires so many things to open 
a shop.  You have to have the fire inspector, the plumbing inspector, the 
zoning inspector, the health inspector, the electrical inspector, etc. in to 
make sure the building is safe.  For me to have that many sinks in one room 
to serve food, I may have to pay $1,000.00 to break up the concrete and put 
in another water pipe.  Our laws are very very extensive and hard for many to 
open a food service but worth all the stress once done.

I need to find someone that would be willing to do business with me.  Someone 
willing to sell and ship Czech teas.. Does anyone know of someone that would 
work with me on this?  Some Turkish coffee too?

I am very proud to say that while there last time, I got a very very long 
Czech flag from my friend Martas2.  I have hung this flag on one of my walls 
as a gift from someone over the internet.  I will have plants (not real but 
look real), mirrors in the room to make it look bigger, very few pictures but 
some, and a display case for food and one for the silver, silk, toilet water 
bottles, etc. that I have been given as gifts from friends.. 

I should be open by the end of the week.  Many in the community have been 
waiting for this kind of service so I feel very welcomed and wanted.  One 
woman whom works in one of the other shops has asked me to make pamphlets for 
the women's groups in her church.. I will be very happy to do that for her.  
There is an old people's apartments next door that wants a place to hang out 
at.  There is no place close to the pub two doors away that allows people to 
sit and have coffee after the pub closes so I have been thinking it would be 
wise to be open at that hour.

I am working with the InterExchange program described in posts #27 and #28 in 
ForeignJobs.  I am excited to hear that in July I will have a Czech worker.  
If anyone is interested in working in my shop and can afford to come, please 
speak up.  I think we can help each other and it's easier to have a referral 
from here than to get one from them.  They charge for finding positions.

We have our first three computers going in tonight.  We have 19" BIG monitor 
screens and the fastest connection in the city.  Sheri's Web is an internet 
cafe and social club.  The first in the city.  I am happy to be the first but 
the phone book yellow pages don't have the named section so it's hard placing 
it in the book.  I am writing a press release for the newspaper so that 
people will know of it once I get it started.

work work work.. ;-)
so many details.. 

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