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Title:     Re: My first big step...
Date:      Fri Oct 15 20:30:19 1999

Wow.. what an inviting time.  My landlord, the city zoning dept. and the fire 
department.  They told me I didn't need two entrances, move the EXIT sign.  
They told me I had to have handles not traditonal, so that all can grab it to 
get inside.  I have to move one sink from the women's room to the utility 
closet.  That's good.. it's my cleaning sink.  I have to have one for hands 
too.  While I am not making food there, I maybe required to have a sink with 
three tubs in it so you can wash, rinse, and disinfect things.  In my case, 
he coffee pots would have to be kept up.. fine with me.  Where to find one 
such sink?  Good question.. ;-)

We had a great time talking about what was needed, how much of it the landlord 
would take care of, and any other questions we had.  They told me I could 
store things in my storage room but had to have a divider in the middle so I 
didn't walk to that side of the room.. dangerous as there's a gas water heater 
on the other side.  I will figure it out. 

I like team playing.. I want this to happen very much.


> Today is October 14, 1999.  Perhaps the biggest step I have made in opening 
> the city's first Internet cafe, get the bilding oked to be in.  The hardest 
> part will be finding a three sink area where I can put in a water supply.. I
> think I have chosen in front of my window.  This way I can put the extra
> money 
> in a locked room if I need to really fast.
> The landlord will do the rest.  I needed to know what to go by and where to 
> put the exit signs.  The electrical inspector was there too.  I think the 
> time went quite well.  We all were willing to work together to make it work.
> I now have time to get the rest of the things needed, the painter is coming 
> i to paint the colours I would like to have.. I think my landlord and I can 
> work towards aquality property together.
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> This looks very nice, doesn't it? ;-)
> I am excited to say I got a mail back from InterExchange:
> From: InterExchange/Nancy Ross <>
> To:
> Hi. We received your e-mail from APEX in the CR. We administer J-1 Visa
> Training Programs. Please visit our website for further information. If you
> have found your own trainee who you want to bring here to the US for
> further Training in his or her field, please send us a message and we can
> send you the application forms. Please send us your mailing address, our
> forms are not on line.
> Best regards, Nancy Ross
> p.s our Training Program application fees are $350 for up to 6 months
> $550 for up to one year
> $750 for up to 18 months
> $37/month for insurance 
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> >Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:36:39 -0400
> I am excited there are people are wanting to pay to work in the states. 
> They 
> risk lots for this time that's promised.  I think Sheri's Web will serve to 
> make that possible with complete dedication, determination, hard work, and 
> fun.  Definitely fun.  Computer fun family style.. Relaxing, informative,
> and 
> personable.  My goal, to link more in a fun way to the internet, hopefully 
> taking some of the fear of comptuers away for some, and a new way to spend 
> family nights, groups, friends, students.  I have found the internet very 
> impersonable til those on it make it personable.  I believe that while
> people 
> go to restaurants even though they good food, they will want to do that with
> their other time regarding their computer fun and services.  While the word 
> Cafe says a menu, this menu will be the use of our computers.  We have two  
> operating systems, Linux and Microsoft to choose from.  
> My shop will have what's called an On Site Net Nanny: Gretchen.  It is a 
> safety system for people under age.  Rather than us monitoring their 
> children's actions, we will take responsibility up to using protective 
> software tried and found to be effective.  We can not replace parents.  
> Parents of four teens, we know if a child wants to bad enough, they will get
> to material they shouldn't.  As Parents, Paul and I have had to often
> monitor 
> our children's actions many times.
> I look forward to the challenge.. more later..
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