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Title:     Summer work in the states...
Date:      Mon Oct 11 02:17:47 1999

 sl. Marketa Lomecka

 APEX Foundation
 Pod Juliskou 4
 16000 Praha 6, CZ
 tel.: 02/24311982
 fax.: 02/24311981


Work & Travel USA '99 (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Manual 1999 Self-arranged program

Want to find your job yourself and just get the visa from us?  Here's what you 
need to do...

1.  Find your American employer
2.  Send us your application with all enclosures
3.  Contact us to arrange for the interview
4.  Pay the fee
5.  Get the visa
6.  Enjoy your summer in America!

1)  finding your American employer.
You can ask your friends or relatives in America for help, but if you don't 
have any, the best place to go is the Internet.  You will find more useful 
addersses on our web site, but these two are especially useful : and

2)  Complete the application form and include ALL the enclosures that are 
required.  That means:

  1.  The InterExchange application form
  2.  Job offer from your American employer
  3.  Check, traveler's check, or money order for $13.00 Registration Fee
  4.  Proof of student status
  5.  Photocopy of our passport and driver's license
  6.  Two references

Send it by Registered Mail or a courier service, Imagine if the package would 
get lost in mail...

3)  Contact us to arrange for the interview
You HAVE TO be interviewed.  Even thoguh you are getting the job yourself.  
If you are not interviewed, you can't go.

We let you know if you were accepted within 7 days after the interview by 
regular postal letter.  This letter will also include detailed instructions 
for the payment.  If you don't receive this letter within 2 weeks after the 
interview, contact us, it probably got lost in the mail.

4)  Pay the fee
At this time, we still can't accept payments in any other form than as check 
or international money order.  You will get more detailed instructions for 
the payment with the letter announcing your acceptance to the program.

5)  Get the visa
We will submit your check to our bank.  Once we receive the money, we send 
you the IAP-66 form and instructions how to proceed when applying for your 
visa.  You will receive detailed instructions what to do with this form.  The 
U.S. Embassy currently charges $45.00 for visa application.

6)  Enjoy your summer in America!
We will all meet at the pre-departure orientation.  Everybody must attend 
this orientation, it's the law.  Aside from this being a low students agree 
that they always receive extremely valuable information there.  If you 
purchased our flight ticket, you will receive it at this orientation.

                     And now you really fly to the US

NOTE:  If your employer is unsure if you really can work in the US, how long 
you can work there, how your job offer needs to look like, what taxes you 
have to pay, or any other questions, please recommend him to contact the Work 
& Travel section of InterExchange at (212)924-0446.

*  must be on a company letterhead
*  must show the exact address and phone number of your employer
*  must show the name of your manager, or other contact person
*  must show your job description, approximate work hours, and your salary.
*  must show your job dates from-to
*  must explain your accomodation arrangements

       We need to receive the original job offer including the envelope

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