Posted By: Sheri (New Board: ForeignJobs) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Cultural differences..
Date:      Mon Sep 27 04:29:16 1999

While I have been to many countries and seen how people live, I have to wonder 
how the cultural differences would affect me.  I think there is a certain 
cultural shock and panick I feel thinking of making such a difference in my 
living conditions.

I stayed in Czech Republic for a month.  I found myself feeling very lonesome 
and excluded from many things and conversations due to the language barriers. 
I missed the familiarity of english and being a part of the conversation in a 
group.  I felt the need to be satisfied by watching them mix and laugh 
together.  I wasn't.

Are any others having problems with language barriers?  I'd like to hear your 
thoughts on it.

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