Posted By: Jerry_III (Jerry III) on 'ForeignJobs'
Title:     Unemployement in the US
Date:      Tue Sep  7 18:56:46 1999

Well, after reading Sheri's posts just a reminder - %subj% is at the lowest 
rate in years. There's a big shortage in any type of jobs. The service in 
restaurants, fast foods etc. goes way down since there's not enough people to 
do the job. If you're working (especially low paid job) and don't show up 
nobody will fire you - the employers know that they will not find anybody to 
replace you. The same if you refuse to take a drug test. And most employers 
will hire an illegal employee 'cause they know that those people will 
actually work. I don't know the situation in midwest but down here in florida 
it's as I said above. The only people out of work right now are the ones that 
do not want to work at all. That's why the INS is not enforcing the 
immigration laws down here ;-)

          Jerry III

I kdybych vedel ze za pet minut zanikne svet, jeste bych si sel zkontrolovat 

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