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Title:     Developing your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 15:06:28 1999

Part 8.

Self-Descriptive Words

active            discrete         mature               sel-reliant
adaptable         economical       methodical           sense-of-humor
aggressive        efficient        objective            sincere
alert             energetic        optimistic           sophisticated
ambitious         enterprising     perceptive           systematic
analytical        enthusiastic     personable           tactful
attentive         extroverted      pleasant             (will travel)
broad-minded      fair             practical            (will relocate)
conscientious     fluent in...     productive
consistent        (foreign         proficient in...
constructive       language)       (computer 
creative          forceful          language)
dependable        imaginative      realistic
determined        independent      reliable
diplomatic        logical          resourceful
disciplined       loyal            respective


aide              counselor        laborer               trainee
apprentice        demonstrator     manager               trainer
assistant         director         receptionist          worker
assister          employee         representative
clerk             facilitator      salesperson
coach             instructor       secretary
consultant        intern           specialist
coordinator       judge            teacher


*  Does it tell the story of your background?
*  Does it emphasize your strengths?
*  It is complete?  sincere?  honest?
*  Is it concise?  appropriate?
*  Is information relevant?
*  Does it look neat?  Is there sufficient "white" space?
*  Are spelling and grammar correct?
*  Have you shown your significant personal accomplishments?
*  Have you shown your major accomplishments in college?
*  Does it show how you stand out as better and different from others 
   who may be competing for the same job?
*  Can a stranger skim it in 45 seconds and know the important information 
   about you? 

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