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Title:     Devoping your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 15:05:24 1999

Part 7.  

B.  Optional Elements

These are not essential to the resume, but can be included if they will be 
beneficial in obtaining the job you are seeking.


You may have special skills and/or training not related toyour education or 
work experience that could appeal to an employer.  The ability to speak a 
foreign language, to conduct research, to communicate effectively, and to 
utilize computers could be of interest to a prospective employer.  These 
abilities can be highlighted in your resume through the creating of a Special 
skills and Training section.  This section should not be used as a "filler" 
category to build up an otherwise weak resume.  It should demonstrate unique 
qualifications for employment.

Samples (for a liberal arts graduate):
Mastery of German (reading, writing, conversation)

Fluency in French

Artistic abilities (drawing, photography, painting)

Working knowledge of printmaking and layout

Personal fitness program

Comperhensive Liberal Arts Background

Samples (for a technical graduate):
Programming experience in COBOL, BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN

Experienced user of IBM compatible personal computer using 
Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and Data Base software

Knowledge of comptuer graphics using Macintosh microcomputers

Operated electron microscope


This section can add flair and individuality to your resume.  It can be a 
separate category.  Alternatively, you may want to include your honors/awards 
in the Activities section of your resume, thus labeling the category 

List your honors and awards, but make them meaningful.  Did you graduate with 
honors?  How about scholarships?  Were you on the Dean's List or a member of 
honorary societies?  Don't worry about self-praise, you are simply presenting 
the facts and you have a right to be proud.  On the other hand, if you do not 
have any honors or awards, do not worry about it as you are not alone.  This 
is an optional category.

Other optional categories include Professional Memberships, Research, 
Community activities, Interests.  These items should have a separate category 
only when you have room and there are too many items of one kind to put with 
something else.

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