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Title:     Developing your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 15:02:56 1999

Part 6.


By using active verbs and phrases, your resume will create a feeling of 
action.  These words will depict a dynamic individual with many abilities.  
The examples given below are intended only to guide you and to suuest style.  
Appraise them carefully before choosing a word or phrase that fits what you 
did best.  Your resume should be as distintive as your fingerprints.

accelerated           improvised            streamlined
accomplished          increased             strengthened
accountable for       initiated             structured
achieved              innovated             studied
activated             installed             succeeded
administrated         instituted            summerized
analyzed              introduced            superseded
assisted              invented              supervised
budgeted              launched              systematized
built                 learned               taught
coached               led                   terminated
completed             maintained            traced
composed              managed               trained
conceived             marketed              transferred
conceptualized        motivated             transformed
consolidated          negotiated            tripled
constructed           operated              traveled
contributed           organized             uncovered
controlled            originated            unified
converted             performed             utilized
coordinated           planned               vacated
created               presented             verified
delegated             presided over         widened
delivered             processed             won
demonstrated          produced              worked
designed              programmed            wrote
developed             progressed
devised               promoted              Other words and
directed              proposed              phrases:
doubled               provided              competent
duties included       purchased             comprehensive
earned                recommended           creative
economized            recuited              diversified
edited                redesigned            distinguished
eliminated            reduced               dynamic
established           reorganized           effective
evaluated             researched            efficient
expanded              responsibilities      exceptional
facilitated            included             extensive
forecasted            restored              imaginative
formulated            revised               innovative
founded               saved                 intensive
generated             serviced              inventive
grew                  set up                progressive
guided                simplified            reliable
headed                sold                  responsible
identified            solved                student of
illustrated           sparked               successful
implemented           specialized           talented
improved              started              

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