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Title:     Developing your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 15:01:50 1999

Part 5.


A.  Common Elements

Identifying Information

It is through the information in this section that the employer is able to 
contact you for a personal interview.  Your full name should be listed at the 
top of the resume.  Your present and permanent addresses, along with both 
telephone numbers (with area codes), should be in a prominent position.  Make 
it easy for the prospective employer to contact you. 

Employment Objective

This section can also be labeled career objective, professional objective, 
objective, or job objective.  It is a statement which expresses your 
employment goal in one or two succinct phrases.  Your statement should be 
brief and carefully worded to open as many doors as possible.  It should 
answer the question, "What do I want to do?"  Through a clearly stated 
objective, you are communicating to the employer that you have given 
considerable thought to your future.

The objective may be written from the viewpoint of a specific position or a 
general field.  Be certain to omit pronouns such as "I" or "me" and phrase 
your objective assertively.  Avoid phrases such as "with opportunity for 
advancement" and "which will allow me to work with people."


Wish to utilize my computer science and mathematical background as a 
programmer or a systems analyst.

To acquire a position in the social service field with an emphasis on aiding 
the elderly.

To obtain an entry-level position in financial management which will lead to 
upper-level management.

To enter the marketing profession and ultimately progress to a marketing 
research position.

To utilize my skills and experience to work in the area of audit or cost 

To undertake a challenging position on a creative advertising team with 
particular interest in designing layouts.

Working in corporate accounting or internal audit for an industrial firm with 
management opportunities.

Seeking summer employment in a progressive business organization.  
Opportunity for later permanent employment desired, implementing computer 
science skills.


This area encompasses your college work.  Use the full name of the 
institution, location, degree(s), [seniors give month and year of graduation 
but graduates give year].  Indicate major(s) and any area(s) of special 
emphasis.  State your grade point average overall and also include your GPA 
in your major as it is usually even higher.

Some guidelines you will want to keep in mind...

1.  Either begin with the institution you are now attending or the degree 

2.  Abbrreviating your degree is acceptable as long as the abbreviation is 
    readily understood by your readers.

3.  If you are sending out your resume before your actual date of graduation, 
    there is no need to say "expected date of graduation."  Simply list the 
    date next to your degree. 

4.  If you attended more than one instituion, list them in reverse 
    chronological order (most recent first).  Don't list where you took a 
    correspondence course.  Ask the registrar to list that information on your 

5.  Include your GPA, if a 3.0 or better, but present it to your best 
    advantage.  List your cumulative GPA or your major GPA, whichever is 
    higher.  Label it accordingly. 

6.  You might also want to include minor course work emphasis, areas of 
    concentration, honors and scholarships. 


Begin with your job title on the first line.  On the same or next line, list 
the place of employment, location (optional), and dates.  If your place of 
employment is more impressive than your job title, list it first.  Choose one 
format and keep it consistent throughout the Experience category.

Next, you must write a description of each work experience you have included 
in your resume.  Do not leave too much to your reader's imagination.  Use 
concise phrases headed with action verbs to describe your job duties and the 
skills you developed or refined.  Quantify your accomplishments and 
responsibilities if possible.  Pay particular attention to such subjects as 
the number of people you supervised, the number of dollars you handled and 
the increases in productivity which resulted from your efforts.

*  Remember that an outline format is easiest to read.
*  Eliminate unnecessary little words & excess verbiage.
*  Be consistent in use of punctuation.


These can be listed with skills identified that apply to your career 
aspirations.  An activity which demanded heavy responsibility should be 
listed.  Include activities that will present you as a well-rounded person.


Student Senate                 Football Varsity Letterman
New Day Singer                   Co-Captain
Intramural Basketball          Chairman of Dance Marathon
Parnassus Volunteer            Math Tutor
Campus Hostess                 Homecoming Committee
Resident Assistant               Decorations Chair
International Language Club    Residence Hall Council
  Secretary                    Newpaper Reporter
Bloodmobile Publicity Chair    Lab Assistant


Recent federal legislation limits pre-employment inquires concerning personal 
data, e.g., age, sex, marital status, etc.  We do not advise including 
personal information such as birth date, marital status and number of 

You may want to include whether you are willing to relocate, willing to 
travel, no geographic preferrence, preference for midwest, if you feel it is 
relevant to the job or if you feel it is positive and supportive.

This category can contian any of the optional elements, such as Interests, 
Community Activities, Honors/Awards, if you don't want to list them in a 
separate category.


Ask individuals who can vouch for your abilities and skills.  Be sure to 
select them carefully prior to your employment campaign.  You should select 
at least three people who know you and with whom you work well (a professor, 
an advisor, a former employer).  Be certain to get permission to ues them as 
references before releasing their names.  It is also a good idea to let those 
individuals know which prospective employers you will be contacting.

Instead of "References Available on Request", recent employer panels have 
indicated that a majority prefer to see reference names nad telephone numbers 
listed.  List at the bottom or on a separate sheet ofpaper.  Be sure to give 
the individual's full name, position, business address and telephone number.  
List both home and office numbers for professors.  Have a separate list this 
information ready to give them if it doesn't fit on your first page.

1.  Give your references a copy of your resume to serve as a memory jogger.
2.  If you have or get married, inform your references of the name change.
3.  be sure you list up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for your 
4.  Thorough companies DO check references!
5.  When you do get a job, send a thank you to your references.  You never 
    know when you might need their help again.

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