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Title:     Developing your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 14:58:07 1999

Part 4.

The first rule:  There is no RIGHT  or WRONG style or form for a resume.

When designing your resume, select style(s) and form(s) to best illustrate 
your backround, abilities, and experiences.  In addition, you may want to 
consider the type of employer to whom you are submitting the resume.  Who is 
your audience?  Who will be reading the resume?  While considering the 
employer, keep in mind, though, that the employer uses resumes to screen out, 
and may prefer a style which easily screens out people who do not exactly fit 
expectations.  Your best bet is a resume designed to best exemplify you and 
how you meet the needs of the prospective employer.

Three common approaches to resume style will be discussed here:  
chronological, functional, and the combination chronological/functional.


The chronological resume presents your work and educational experience 
historically with the most recent first, in reverse chronological order.  
Titles and organizations are emphasized.  This style is generally most 
effective for someone (1) who has a steady work background, (2) who wishes to 
stay in the same field, (3) whose past employers are prestigious or 
impressive, and/or (4) whose most recent experience is most favorable.


The functional resume is organized to emphasize skills and knowledge instead 
of specific dates of employment.  It highlights major areas of accomplishment 
and strength and allows you to organize them in an order that most supports 
work objectives and job targets.  It is advantageous for a person to the new 
career field, (2) who is re-entering the job market after an absence, (3) who 
wants to emphasize capabilities not uesd in recent work experience, (4) whose 
work has been free-lance, consulting, or temporary.  It is also good for a 
college graduate with little relevant work experience, because skills gained 
through experience other than paid work are emphasized (such as volunteer 
experiences, class projects, and campus activities).


The combination resume combines the best elements of the chronological and 
functional styles.  It stresses relevant skill areas and also shows work 
history.  This resume style enables you to stress your qualifications in both 
chronological and functional terms as well as handle employment history.  It 
is advantageous for the person (1) whose previous jobs are within the career 
field being pursued, (2) who has titles important enough to make a favorable 
impression on the employer, (3) who wants to de-emphasize gaps in employment, 
(4) who is changing careers, or (5) who is re-entering the job market. 

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