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Title:     Developing yoru own resume
Date:      Tue Sep  7 14:57:12 1999

Part 3.

                         YOUR NAME (IN CAPITALS)

Current Address           Only one address:  Center      Permanent Address
Dana College              under name or put name &          Street Address
Blair, Nebraska 68008     address on left.               (Area Code) Phone  

OBJECTIVE       Specify entry-level position desired.  You may want to include 
                it in a brief career objective statement that identifies long 
                term goals or how you can benefit the employer. 

EDUCATION       B.S. Degree, Dana College, Blair, Nebraska, May 1992
                G.P.A. ____ in major, ____ overall
                Can list coursework related to job objective if you have room.
                Education honors (Dean's List, Alpha Chi Honorary, etc.) can 
                go here or with Activities/Honors.

EXPERIENCE      Either list experience according to importance per objective 
                OR list most recent first and other jobs below.  Keep the 
                format the same for each experience and include job title, 
                company, city, state, dates, duties.  You may include any 
                volunteer experience that is related to job objective.  Use
                computer's bold and underline commands to highlight key words.

                You can list transferable skills acquired with each job or put
                under a separate SKILLS category.

                Dates are best kept in same place for each entry; i.e., at 
                end, at right, or at left under Experience.  Year or Month/Year
                is specific enough.  What you can do for the employer is more
                information than when you did something.

                If no experience is related toobjective, indicate other things
                you are proud of that required dedication, perserverance, 
                energy, tenacity, drive interpersonal relations, communication
                skills, and other qualities.  These could also be put in a 
                separate category called ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

SKILLS          Specify personal and/or professional skills you have (e.g., 
                analytical, communication, organizational, persuasive, 
                motivational, leadership, research, creative, computer, etc.)

HONORS and      List.  Include offices, chairmanships, etc.  Can be listed in
ACTIVITIES      two columns.  College graduates list high school activities
                only when they have a direct relationship to the job objective.

INTERESTS       Identify those personal interests, hobbies, qualities that 
                will have a positive impact on the potential employer. 
                Researching the employer's attitudes, requirements, and modes
                of operation will make this more effective.

REFERENCES      List the person's name, company, office phone number or put
                "See attached list."  Employers are tired of "Available upon

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