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Title:     developing your own resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 14:56:14 1999

Part 2.

Quite Guide to Resume Writing

Who gets the job is not always the one who can do the job best BUT who knows 
best how to get the job!  Each detail of this process should have your 
meticulous attention since people are often screened OUT on the basis of a 
poor letter and resume.

People skim resumes; they don't read them.  So, think of your resume more as a 
piece of advertising than as a comprehensive data sheet.  Use margins, lists 
and good spacing which make it easily skimmed.  Use underlining, capitals and 
indenting to highlight important information.

Don't use a lot of dates or number that make it hard to skim.  Place dates at 
the END of the description of experience or in the left margin.  See samples.

Use action verbs, instead of "I did.. I was.. I am.."  Use verbs like 
"Developed, Supervised, Managed, Instructed, Counseled, Maintained, 
Initiated, Increased, Created, Negotiated," etc.

Emphasize skills, especially those which transfer from one situation to 
another.  The fact that you coordinated a project for a student organization 
is evidence that you coordinated a project for a student organization is 
evidence that you could coordinate other things as well. 

Be positive, stress your strengths.  Leave out negative or neutral words.  
Don't mention any lack of experience or weaknesses.

A resume should be ONE page in length for college graduates.  Two pages is a 
maximum for someone with a lot of experience.  Anything longer is an 
autobiography, not a resume.  Don't overwhelm employers with information.

Expound on your relevant experiences, condense jobs and other experiences 
which are not direclty related.  This means that you SLANT your resume to the 
type of job you are seeking.  If you are applying for different types of 
jobs, you will need more than one resume.  EXAMPLE:  If you are applying for 
a Child Care Counselor job, devote more space to your experience with 
children and youth and highlight the transferable skills from your experience 
as a camp counselor, etc.  But if you're applying for a job as a Manager 
Trainee emphasize your organizationl and supervisory abilities.

Carefully consider your professional objective or job objective.  A 
well-written one can be beneficial; a vague objective can cause you to be 
screened out.  Remember the personnel director gets bored reading the same 
vague statements over and over.  Some prefer to put the objective in the 
application letter that goes with the resume.

Proofread carefully.  Have at least two others proofread also.  Poor spelling 
and grammar can eliminate you immediately.  Use a computer for ease in making 
changes and eliminating the danger of missed typing errors.  Experiment with 
type styles and use of simple line graphics.  Print your resume on the best 
printer available; a laser printer is recommended. 

Expect a phone call if they are interested.  Most employers call to make an 
appointment for you to come to an interview.  Make sure they have your 
correct area code and phone number.  Answering machines insure you get the 

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