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Title:     Developing a resume/CV
Date:      Tue Sep  7 14:55:14 1999

Due the amount of information, this will be printed in approximately ten parts.
When done, you will have the ability to use this information to seek a position
in the United States. 

Part 1. 

Develop Your Resume

- A personal advertisement
- A condense self-analysis
- A highlighting of your accomplishments
- The paper you...

That's what a job resume has been called.  It's a key part of landing a job.

To be effective, a resume must catch the attention of a prospective employer 
who may scan as many as 100 resumes in an hour.  No wonder job seekers cringe 
before a blank page that must be transformed into a resume.  The experts all 
agree; resume writing is a tough task.  It is made easier if you give 
yourself plenty of time to prepare, take it step by step, seek suggestions 
from others, and plan to revise and improve it.

The purpose of a resume is to win you an interview.  (The job offers happen 
after the interviews).  Therefore, you must attract the employer's 
attention.  A good resume is an advertisement of yourself highlighting your 
educational and experiential qualifications.  It must be factual and written 
in clear, concise language.  Phrases are preferable to complete sentences.  A 
modified outline format is useful to present information in an organized 
manner.  The resume should read like a good newspaper story ... with 
headlines and leading phrases.

Your resume is one of the first things you should prepare in order to begin 
your job search.  You'll want to include a copy with every job-hunting letter 
you mail and with every answer to a want ad.  You should have copies 
available when you go for job interviews and visit with employment agency 
counselors.  It's also a good idea to give copies to friends and associates.  
(Many of the jobs are never advertised; instead they are filled by someone 
recommending that they interview their nephew, niece, neighbor, secretary's 
child, etc.).  Give a copy of your resume to each person you have asked to be 
your reference; it brings them up-to-date on your job goals and 
qualifications so they can help in your job hunt.  It also gives them a handy 
reference for your phone number when they hear of a job opening.  Always be 
prepared to present yourself to employers through your own resume. 

The preparation of your resume becomes easier if you follow some guidelines.  
The following sections provide you with these directions.  With this 
information you can present your credentials in a way that says to the 
employers, "I can help you."

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