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Title:     Problems in immigrations
Date:      Tue Sep  7 14:51:52 1999

Before you try the following think, what are you prepared to risk to get a job 
in another country? 

The article from MF DNES (the most read Czech papers)

More and more people looking for a job in the USA

More Czech than ever leave for the USA to work there, although they don't have
a legal work permit. This is the reason why Americans started to me more
severe when giving the visa and many especially younger people's requests are

"The main reason why the number of rejected requests has increased so much is
increasing unemployment", a Prague US embassy clark Helena Markusova said.
Many people come from the regions which suffer from higher unemployment and
it's them who are often unsuccessful in getting the visa.

In last 4 months, the number of rejected requests has risen to 22 per cent of
all requests. Czech ambassador in New York Zdenek Koudelka thinks that the
higher rate of rejected requests is due to the fact that many people already
have the visa and now, the people belonging to 'risky' groups (young, single
and unemployed) are asking for it. "Many people already have a visa which is
issued for 10 years. Among the candidates, there are many young people who
don't have a good financial background and can't prove their relationship
with their home.", Mr. Koudelka said.

Last year, tens of Czech citizens were deported from the USA because they were
found working by US authorities. "The number of apprehended Czechs, who have
been working here illegally, is vast. Unfortunately, I can't give you any
detailed figures.", an employee of American immigration office Vienna
department said.

The number of Czechs going to the USA to work there isn't diminishing,
although the punishment is severe in case of being apprehended. Hardly anyone
goes there on his own, special agencies take care of illegal workers. On
their list, there are shop jobs, helping in a restaurant, working in bakery
etc. This work should bring at least CZK 100,000 to every worker. The
agencies, however, often promise a work permit for certain amount of money
and then deceive their clients.

The people, who are suspicious of going to the USA to work, are invited to an
interview. "The clarks look at every candidate as at a possible immigrant.
Therefore, he has to persuade them that his reason for going to the States is
the same as stated in an application form.", Markusova added.


If you are one of those people this article talks about.. take a look at the 
long term harm you are doing.  Chance is, if a person hasn't considered this 
aspect of what they are doing, they won't' care after reading this article 
either.. sad but true.

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