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Title:     A letter of support..
Date:      Thu May 27 06:19:32 1999

To you, my supporter...

I want to take a moment to thank you for each detail of support you have
offered in what is now legally called Sheri's Web, International.  This
opportunity represents a fork in the road for me.  While I have the talent
to compete and give my best, I use much energy in having to prove this to

It's no wonder small business isn't encouraged unless you have lots to
give when in fact, it's a small business for a reason.  Has the name Small
Business started a trend in our country?  Are we tired of fighting big
business singlely?  Is it fighting, competing, out of pocket and body
expenses in realizing their DREAM, fantasy, etc., what?

It's people like myself that considers herself a gutless wonder one day.
The next I'm talking with state people, taking a class with one issue of
setting up a business with the help of a multitude group of experts in  
their very special way, honouring the letter of support from Senator
Grassley's office.

This is truly an honour to have a letter from him, while so many incredibly
cruel things are going on in our country.  My heart goes out to all raped
souls and bodies.  While it saddens me to see diversity in this world, my
one small but mighty part in this world lays in me.

After many saddenings in my youth, loss of parents, loss of sense of
family, I have seen much in my ..ahem.. many years that two things stand
if nothing else... compassion, an incredible ability to love and offering
the best I can while I can.

I feel the best I can give is at this very time in my life.  My children   
are doing the best they can at this time.   I feel I am at the top of my 
life, that given the opportunity to give my best in a challange I could  
indeed be successful for me.  I am at my very best when given a challenge.

I think in some way you all believe this is a good move for Cedar Rapids,
for the county, including the Senate, a very honourable position.  Given
the opportunity, I would show a style of class, a social club that isn't 
just for the rich.  It's for all that need companionship of other like
minded people, an international coffee, hot chocolate and cyder in
the winter, refreshing juices and sodas cooling yourself in the summer.    
Getting on the games and playing yourself or as many as you wish.

Red, White and blue are the same in the American flag and the Czech
Republic's flag.  That gives a common reason along with the focus that our
company isn't just for here.. it reaches out to the world in a very
personal ways sometimes.  While land grows short you also find just how 
small it can be if a group of people work together for a healthy goal for
all.  In my talks with my czech friends and collegues, I am told of the
great pride they feel when they hear their flag will be waved by the USA
one.  It's my privilage and pleasure to honour all countries with a flag   
as I can get them.  It's going to be known as an International Eye for the
city of Cedar Rapids.

One thing about myself that I'd like to share is that through all the
times of childhood I was in foster care.  Many believe my story has an
incredible twist to doing this.  That's another story.. light humour..  

Time is of the essence in making this work like a baton to baton, hand to
hand kind of race.  I'm just one person, you represent the whole team.  

I am very thankful for your interest in Sheri's Web International.  I
would like to ask a business card with your signature on the back please?
These will indicate this is what I'm doing at the time.  I have many
signed cards alraedy, along with three letters of support, incluing the
fine Senator Grassley.  It's a privalage to work with you all, now and in
the future.

Once Sheri's Web, International is started, I'd like very much to send   
you an invitation to the Grand Opening.  It would mean lots to the city 
to see this company succeed, bringing in more cash flow from the
community, from our friends across the world, some of which are coming
this summer to visit me, see how I live, some traveling with me.  It will
be fun and challenging to meet all the appointments and

Your collegue in business..

Mrs. Sheri Snow
Wife, Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Cyber Social Club Pioneer
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