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Title:     Enthusiam.. 
Date:      Thu May 20 16:29:15 1999

enthusiasm - to be inspired, be possesed by a god, inspired.. 1. orig., 
supernatural inspiration or possession; inspired by prophetic or poetic 
ecstasy 2. intense or eager interest; zeal; fervor 4.  [Archaic] religious 
fanaticism SYN see Passion.

A fire burning passion..that's me, right now.  I have so many things I have to 
get done by the time I fly into CR June 9th on the 15:30 flight from The 

I have a great support team, including two Board of Directors, John Devin and 
Mel Essex. I have a software, hardware and gaming specialist in Cedar Rapids 
as well as internationally.  My links to the international world are great.  I 
would be quite pleased to do sales to Czech Republic.  Games are a big item, 

I am open for market folks.  If you wish to talk more.. email me at : 

All orders can be done through the web:  I am linked to a 
warehouse you may want to check out.  Hands Technology.  If interested credit 
card holder have requests they need to send the statement and the delivery to 
me and I send it on in an express service.. handling fees included in the 

My inventory includes sets or invidual live size poster of every Star Wars and 
and any Star Trek charactor you could want.  Again, pricing includes shipping 
and handling.. they aren't cheap, they are quality life sized posters in 
their own mailing box.

Sheri's Web International offers many international oportunities, see you in 

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