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Date:      Wed May 19 09:41:29 1999

legally mine.  YES!!!  Sounds soooo good.. I shall make it show quality.
Czech Quality, and others.. I have gifts from all over the world.  I would 
enjoy a wonderful bird collection if you do want to bring a gift.. it will be 
nobally displayed from the Czech Republic..I would likek to make that one 
showcase totaly glas look as the shelves are.. silver, the crystal toilet 
water from Italy, coloured water in the crystal.

I have a truly awesome look for people to see.. The first Cyber Cafe in the 
city..  I think a nice fireplace put in with the city's approval would be 
wild!!  This is the wheelchair accessable room with three tables in the 
middle, maybe four.. depends on the style.  I plan to have benches in the one 
room.. sitting spots for people to talk and get to know each other.. 
private, dimmer light or candle lights..  I have many good ideea.. just not 
the money.. still working on that.. 

Getting financing for only $40,000.00 isn't easy.. you have to go through tons 
of paperwork.
I could make around 300.00 the first day I was on the property.
July 1st.  Any donations nice.. ;-) Mail me at, I will put 
a suggestion box there.. You want it, we'll see what we can do as a member.
You would have to be a card holder.. I want to get them done for members.. the 
computer and printer will do the rest.

Simple remodeling.  It's in need of upgrading the wiring I can see that now.  
I can see the plumbing can be done by me if need be.. but I have to have a 
contractor to do that for me.. I will start taking bids.

This shop will provide a universal communications to as many places as we 
can.. and places you suggest..I could see this working in that I would make 
money three days later for a day in the city.. $20.00/each in my 8 stall 
drive and two more on the edge.  My step mother will be out the building on 
the 30th of June.  I will have written support from her thatshe believes me to 
be capable of managing the food, etc. if she's able to take it this far as 
she's in very capable hands with her Advisory Board who have said they 
believe in me, and any form or document i'm sure they will let me know 
about.. this is a very formal company in the making. the first of its kind in 
the area.. I have to be able to compete with the best right from the start.
I will be known instantly from what I intend to do.. I am going to be 
starting the advertising just as soon as I know I have the building.. I will 
have it saved  on disk somewhere..

Paul and I are going to have our pictures taken.. It will hang at the 
entrance in a well lighted/shaddow effect.. in a very nice wooden frame.
I can do this one myself but I still have to have measurements.  Have the wood 
cut for me.  Refinnish the trim.  These are easy things I can do at the 

I'd be happy to hear any of your marketing ideas.. mail them to  and Subject:  Marketing Idea. Any used will be 

To confirm any of this you can find out I am registered with of Cedar Rapids, 
in the county of Linn, in the state of Iowa.. 

More in next post..saving this one.

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