Posted By: Sheri (Sheri'sWeb,Intl,EnglishBd) on 'English'
Title:     Flags, Business Card &
Date:      Wed May 19 07:14:20 1999

List of all cyber/internet cafes in the Czech Repubilc.. 

I need to have a list of all of them please by June 4th please.. I would like 
to know where they are, an email to them if you can and adderss.  I would 
like to add business cards from all of Prague.. If you can give me a business 
card of these companies I will reward you well when I get there June 9th.

My shop's name is Sheri's Web International.  We have a contest here to get a 
good logo, I need that process speeded up those that are working on it, it's 
time to get creative for me, please.  It's worth good money for the contest 
and for my shop.

Going with the international theme, I want to have four flags on the front 
side.  I have an American Flag, Czech Flag, hopefully Egyptian Flag, and 
hopefully I can get an English Flag.  They will fly with light focusing on 
them so they can be visible...
I have two big windows.. I can put a 2 computer players playing on a pc.. and 
a spider web with Sheri's name on the front of the store.I would like to put 
awnings around the building covering the window giving them a more relaxing 
look.  I have a neon open sign.. we will be open 24 hours eventually, twelve 
to start.  Opening hours and operating hours.. ;-)

The carpeting in the front area and in the back is burnt orange look.. so I 
thought of putting in a ceiling with chicken wire and leaves in each hole 
with little lights already woven in the chicken wire.

To the immediate right corner is a statue with water around it.. a wishing 
well kind of thing.. running water .. I would have some really nice fake 
trees I have in mine.. the plants will be real.
I may use red satin for wall paper rather than a redone wall.  A regal concept.
I want dimmer lights here..for later in the evening.  The receptionist/tech. 
will have their own desk.  There will be a very nice bar with the office 
supplies in it.  A hard copy of any agerement, etc. for the customer.

I have all these ways of doing it good ideas how to fashion my shop.. 
I'm happy to write them down so you can get something out of this.. I will 
keep you informed on the happenings as they progress.. I will give a summery 
at the end.


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