Posted By: Sheri (Sheri's Web International) on 'English'
Title:     More supporters
Date:      Wed May 19 06:06:37 1999

Czech Cottage, Davin Computer Systems, The Employment Office, a business 
auditor for the city has offered to work with me, Geico Insurance or another 
insurance company, not sure yet.  Collins Credit Union, two bank loan 
officers, Local Immigrations to awk questions and get answers, Kathryn Kurth, 
Assoc. Director of the Small Business at Univ. of Iowa unlimited 
questions/answers, I would like to see this woman on my board of directors.
John McDonald - Alien Labor Certification Board - One of those that is in the 
office that oks non-immigrant workers, Public Health Dept., Zoning Dept., 
Pepsi Company is offering something towards my opening, should contact him 
tomorrow, see if he is still here..Many of the popular colas and non colas are 
made through this company like Mt. Dew...Steve Sprag, Small Business Professor 
in Kirkwood College, Carl Skeel - Sales Dept.  Would like on my Board of 
Directors.  Sykora Bakery - for their lovely czech pastries, Staples in Iowa 
City for office supplies, other choices optional, US West for their phone 
advisory and assistant in their great programs.  I have paid for the right to 
get a yellow page for the year.  I will call them tomorrow.

This is just a few. 

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