Posted By: Sheri (Sheri's Web International) on 'English'
Title:     Continued from last post..
Date:      Wed May 19 05:54:01 1999

My list of support team is endless.

Republican Senator for Iowa, Senator Grassley
Iowa Work Task Force, John McDonald

Mel Essex: Senior Business Consultant for (ISED)
           Institute for Social and Econical Development

John Davin: Owner and operator, business man, personal friend.
            John wants to be the sales dept. of my company.

Both of these men have said yes to be on my Advisory Board.
Both want to see a good business idea go good.  To that end I 
will do anything asked of me.

Hands Technology:  I have an agreement to sell their products and keep the 
mark-up on the items.  This has been recommended by Mel Essex and John Davin.

more to come.....

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