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Title:     **** Sheri's Web, International ****
Date:      Wed May 19 05:27:11 1999

I have some great news!  Good news alert!!!  It's great when you are at the 
right place at the right time to start your cyber coffee, radical good times, 
and groupies on the internet, networked together as one.

I have a games room, five desks, four of which would go in this room.
They can play with headsets and keep noise to a minimum... between football 
day and a library.. ;-)  I want the front where the games are to have a 
statue and have water around it.. filtering it through.. I think a soft light 
up against the carpet and the statue would give it class.

I very may have found the guilding.. She assured me she would talk with the 
landlord once she can get him.. I said after the 1st of June I have to know.
My step mother lives and works in the baseball card shop they had been in for 
ten years, created by my father and my step-mother ( a good promotion for 
both companies) had.  She has a full time and part time job and all the card 
sales she can go to.  For most, that's lots to do.  She has decided to move 
June 30th, leaving the building open to new business the day she leaves.  She 
has sold me a credit card machine, a cash register, two rectangular lay down 
case and one rotating upright display case, both are lighted.  This means I'm 
up to how much the total value of what I bought.. which is my business. 

I have saved up to this part before I die......Back-up done to here..........

My step mother is Jeri Johnson, my birth sirname is going out of business and 
she's sold me a cash register, a credit card machine, three display cases, a 
corner stand where I can put another statue with the proper lighting...

All in a sassy red/orange very provacative look.. low atmosphere can be of 
your choosing.. I have five new desks coming to me, a gift from a friend and 
fellow collegue.. We will market together.  Thus the creation for an Advisory 
Board, two of which will be Mel Essex and John Davin and Senator Grassley, 
Immigrations letter from John McDonald in Iowa work task force/aka 
immigrations in the area.

It would be with the great honour like to have your presence for our 
dedication ceremony when ready to take the long, successful, fun, ever 
changing to the people's needs.. they will filll out their questionairs so I 
can get a really good idea of what they want.

This will be done at the opening too.. a file card with answersa.. all posible 
winners of a free computer if they wish to make it more.. I do so hope I get 
the building that would only cost me a very low rate on rent, so that I can 
put it all into the quality of the building.  I would have him get it repaired 
as soon as possible.

Im worried about this length of's working out to be around October 
I can get this started at the very earliest, meanwhile I can still be in 
there, there is more .. very intricate things you have to do to start a 
company here and especially if most they can see is my best side.  I even have 
a contracted dress maker, I may just contract with to sew my shirts for the 
company as she has a laser sewing machine now.. There are so many 
possibilities I have to write them down as I say them.

MORE to the english board.. please read there..

There is so much more involved.

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