Posted By: Sheri (Sheri's Web International) on 'English'
Title:     Do dreams come true?
Date:      Mon May 17 17:53:51 1999

Of course..

I want to tell you a story.. 

Once upon a time.. there was a young girl named Sheri, full of ambitions, 
desires, passions for gaining the best knowledge of all peoples.  Combine 
them with an interest to bring them together.. getting to know each other
as we truly are.. seeing the best in others as we do here.  This is her 
dream.. to bring the ones together that wish to see Sheri's Web, Intl. work.

Over much time Sheri has talked of these dreams to many of you.  Do dreams 
come true?  Sure they do if you do at least once share them with others.. In 
sharing the dream.. more and more people offered to help make it a reality.  

This is a vast team effort.  In my next post I will show you who that team 
consists of.

I have found the building I hope to keep for a very long time.. with a row of 
many country's flags on the side where the highway is..The person staying in 
it is my step mother, my father's last wife.  They rented a building for a 
baseball card shop.. for very very low amount... As long as the building is 
being used, I can get it cheaply and fix to my taste if I get my loans.  We 
can rent the building on our own pockets.. the business paying us back later.

I want to show the landlord the quality I want to put in by doing the outside 
first.  I am trying to get money for a $1,000 loan to start the plants and 
atmosphere I want them to see.. providing I find out where I can't dig and 
have professionals do the work.  I think we could have a wonderful atmosphere 
on the outside too.  There is a bench outside the front of the building.. I 
could rent the space on it for advertising.  It would get seen by many.  I 
was thinking the company giving me the loan would do advertising for all the 
companies they are representing.  It's worth a thought.

All I did was walk into the building to ask my step mother if I could buy two 
ofher display cases.. two very nice ones.. both lited.. one stands upright, 
goes in circles and very nice glass.. the next thing I know we are talking 
about her moving after being in the building for ten years.  She wants to make 
some changes, so am I.  I feel many are wanting to make this happen just to 
say we did.. ;-)  It has become a community project.

There is more to come.. I'll share it later.
In the front.. two.. United States.. Czech Republic.. after all they are both 
red white and blue.  That is a very good concept to go with inside.  It will 
have a quality of comfort and playful mood/gaming atmosphere on computers..

I want the message that I would be open as long as my computers ran and my 
backup unit was installed.


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