IPosted By: Sheri (May 5, my birthday...) on 'English'
Title:     Houba Festival
Date:      Sat May 15 13:41:43 1999

I live in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Today is the day they have Houba 
Days.  It starts at 7am with a breakfast and goes into the evening.  Our city 
has a section where Czechs live and have shops.  Today the street they are on 
closes down and they party all day.  

I will be spending the day taping some of the events and taking pictures.  
Since I am going to CR I will try to get on the news promoting my friends 
there and my shop I'm going to open.  It looks great outside.. it will be 
tons of fun.. 

Cau, I'm out to party.

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